Sentence Examples with the word inner city

These names are somewhat misleading, as the inner city is not enclosed within the outer city, but adjoins its northern wall, which, being longer than the nei ch'eng is wide, outflanks it considerably at both ends.

She waited for him to catch up then ducked through a door leading from the inner city beyond the walls, and he followed.

I drove to inner city Cleveland and parked my vehicle.

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We have a hospital report from inner city Cleveland.

The world beyond was nothing like his home, the inner city of Landis.

He sensed a fear as deep as his fear of the underground, only he doubted a woman accustomed to the pure inner city of Tiyan ever experienced such fear or pain.

The inner city is girdled on the south and east by the Kungspark, which contains Molin's famous group of statuary, the Belt-bucklers (Bdltespdnnare), and by the beautiful gardens of the Horticultural Society (Trddgardsforeningen).