Sentence Examples with the word injured

She was injured and in peril.

For this amount the guilty person, and in his default his kindred, became legally debtor, and the injured person or family became entitled to recover the amount like a civil debt by distraint, if not paid voluntarily.

His thoughts went to the injured woman he was charged with protecting.

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The injured may proceed immediately to the emergency station, the fed said.

The utility of this is seen in seasons when the shoot produced from the first bud is killed by frost; then one of the supplementary buds starts into growth, and thus replaces the injured shoot.

Justice (e.g.) is regarded by Mill as essentially resentment moralized by enlarged sympathy and intelligent self-interest; what we mean by injustice is harm done to an assignable individual by a breach of some rule for which we desire the violator to be punished, for the sake both of the person injured and of society at large, including ourselves.

According to Nitschmann in his Geschichte der polnischen - Litteratur - a work which has been of service in the preparation of this article - the books were transported to Russia very carelessly, and many of them injured by the way.

After he recovered from the stabbing, the Doctor said he had scar tissue and would be susceptible to pneumonia in the injured lung.

The tombs were rebuilt, and the whole of the injured part of the church restored, mostly very clumsily, a few years after the fire.

The injured husband called to his aid Roderic, the high king (airdrigh) of Connaught; and in 1166 Dermot fled before this powerful coalition to invoke the aid of England.