Sentence Examples with the word injunction

The command to love one's neighbour inspired also Hillel's injunction (Aboth, ii.

It is foreshadowed by the injunction to avoid the direct way into Palestine (see Ex.

During this century the first sumptuary edict ordered that the dwellings of all high officials and opulent civilians should have tiled roofs and be colored red, the latter injunction being evidently intended to stop the use of logs carrying their bark.

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Phelan disobeyed the injunction and on the 13th of July 1894 was sentenced to jail for six months for contempt.

An anti-smoke injunction in 1908 closed the furnaces in the immediate vicinity of Salt Lake City.

This injunction he laid upon us, and all our Brethren on his death-bed, That we each continue in our respective Station till the time appointed for the next Conference at Manchester.

Such injunction might not issue except after hearing, of which five days' notice must be given.

This allusion to the scriptural injunction to love one's neighbour (Lev.

For this cause therefore, having received perfect foreknowledge, they appointed the aforesaid, and afterwards gave a further injunction (1rwou17v has now the further evidence of the Latin legem) that, if these should fall asleep, other approved men should succeed to their ministry..

The new church was consecrated early in 1577, and the clergy of the pew society at once resigned the charge of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini, but Neri himself did not migrate from S'an Girolamo till 1583, and then only in virtue of an injunction of the pope that he, as the superior, should reside at the chief house of his congregation.