Sentence Examples with the word initiate

Sergius) is reported in the same document to have been fellow initiate and disciple.

Some there were who hoped that so great an opportunity would not be lost, but that the statesmen would initiate such measures of international disarmament as would perpetuate the blessings of that peace which Europe was again enjoying after twenty years of warfare.

Amidst this sea of financial troubles the government drifted helplessly on, without showing any inclination or capacity to initiate a strong policy of reform in the methods of administration which had done so much to ruin the country.

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Locke's mission was to initiate modern criticism of the foundation and limits of our knowledge.

He can initiate proposals for new laws (projets de loi).

I'm afraid if that house gets fixed, I'll have to initiate it.

President Campos Salles entered upon his tenure of office on the 15th of November 1898, and at once proceeded to initiate fiscal legislation for the purpose of reducing expenditure and increasing the revenue.

The class to which he belonged was the only one which could afford to initiate improvements.

Not deeming it prudent to initiate the young man into his own system, he took for a textbook the second and third parts of Descartes's Principles, which deal in the main with natural philosophy.

Leopold had wisely decided to initiate a conciliatory policy in Hungary.