Sentence Examples with the word inguinal

The round ligament is a cord of unstriped muscle which runs from the lateral angle of its own side of the uterus forward to the internal abdominal ring, and so through the inguinal canal to the upper part of the labium majus.

The testes are inguinal or abdominal.

Female has six teats, of which four are inguinal and two axillary, and the placenta is zonary and deciduous.

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The incisive foramina of the palate are moderate and distinct; the fibula does not articulate with the calcaneum; and the testes are abdominal, and descend periodically only into the inguinal canal.

Teats two, inguinal in position.

The musky odour from which it derives its name is due to the secretion of a large gland situated in the inguinal region, and present in both sexes.