Sentence Examples with the word ing

And it was the lengthen ing of the forge, and the length and intimacy of contact between ore and fuel to which it led, that carburized the metal and turned it into cast iron.

This cam can be turned by hand in a vertical plane by means of a worm and wheel movement, and by turn - ing the worm the vertical distance between the bar which is attached to the springs and the rod which is attached to the racks can be increased or diminished, and thus the racks can be moved rela - tively to the springs.

If a .JP solid circle be fixed in any one position and a tube be pivoted on its centre so as to move; and if the line C D be drawn upon the circle pointing towards any object Q in the heavens which lies in the plane of the circle, by turn ing the tube A B towards any other object P in the plane of the circle, the angle B 0 D will be the angle subtended by the two objects P and Q at the eye.

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When in the following winter money had to be earned to enable Ezekiel to remain in college, Daniel accepted the principalship of the academy at Fryeburg, Maine; but he resumed his law studies in the follow - ing year, and in 1804, with Ezekiel's assistance, he was enabled to go to Boston and conclude his studies under Christopher Gore (1758-1827), later governor of Massachusetts (1809-1810) and a U.S. senator (1813-1816).

Aristotle's brief suggestions respect ing the origin of society and governments in the Politics show a leaning to a naturalistic interpretation of human history as a development conditioned by growing necessities.

The results of the labors of the preced-, ing six years began to manifest themselves with a rapidity which surprised the most sanguine observers.

Her ing state herring fishery, rendered more valuable by the curing of process discovered or introduced by Benkelszoon, Holland.

Of its secular buildings, the Rathaus (town-hall), built in 1574-1576, on the model of that of Antwerp, with a lofty tower, and containing an interest-' ing collection of arms and armour, is particularly remarkable.

Gregory initiated the policy of establish ing an equilibrium between the parties, which was carried ou by his successor Nicholas III.

In this he points out that modern society is passing ing movements, - the first, a disorganizing movement owing to the break-up of old institutions and beliefs; the second, a movement towards a definite social state, in which all means of human prosperity will receive their most complete development and most direct application.

James Wedderburn, who had gone to St Andrews in 1514, was for a time in France prepar - ing for a mercantile career.

Its principal city is Ngan-k i ing on the Yangtsze Kiang, besides which it numbers seven prefectural cities.

A good criterion of the progress of education is obtained from the diminishI ing number of illiterate army recruits, as shown by the following Unable to Read or Write.

Had planned to begin dismember ing the -Turkish empire.

The constellations that and ned unceasingly to speed across the sky were named the and er-resting ones, and the circumpolar stars, which never ing beneath the horizon, were known as the imperishables.

Accord ing to Christian writers, he was a convert to Christianity.

And it was the lengthen ing of the forge, and the length and intimacy of contact between ore and fuel to which it led, that carburized the metal and turned it into cast iron.

A crane machine of peculiar construction, well adapted for weigh - ing heavy loads, and extremely simple and compact, which does not properly come under any of the heads under which the machines have been classified, is the hydrostatic weighing machine.

In 1677 the president of found- Madras had to warn him that unless his exactions ing of ceased, the company would be obliged to withdraw Calcutta.

In fermentInvertase ing wort and Glucase.