Sentence Examples with the word infusion

Transfusion of blood directly from the vein of a healthy person to the blood-vessels of the patient, and infusion of saline solution into a vein, may be practised (see Shock).

Of all the Somali the Rahanwin betray the largest infusion of negroid blood.

This preeminence may perhaps be due to an early infusion of Fijian blood: it has been observed that such crosses are always more vigorous than the pure races in these islands; and this influence seems also traceable in the Tongan dialect, and appears to have been partially transmitted thence to the Samoan.

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TEA (Chinese cha, Amoy dialect te), the name given to the leaves of the tea bush (see below) prepared by decoction as a beverage The term is by analogy also used for an infusion or decoction of other leaves, e g.

Osiander, maintaining the infusion of Christ's righteousness into the believer, impugned the Lutheran doctrine of imputation; Chemnitz defended it with striking ability.

It seems probable that the number of Maori and half-castes taken together is about the same as it was thirty years ago, though the infusion of white blood is larger.

Without this assumption of a continual infusion of mythological conceptions, we cannot understand the figure of Antichrist.

Among the coast people there is a distinct infusion of Portuguese blood, and in all the parts are descendants of Brazilian negroes who returned to Africa during the 19th century.

The infusion of a considerable Scottish element into the population necessitated the formation of a congenial church.

All are Sunnites, and, although still speaking their Somali national tongue, betray a large infusion of Arab blood in their oval face, somewhat light skin, and remarkably regular features.