Sentence Examples with the word infrequent

Considering now the Trypanosomes in an unaccustomed, mammalian host, they may either remain infrequent or rare (sometimes, indeed, being unnoticed until shortly before death), or, on the other hand, they may soon become numerous and go on increasing (fig.

Thereafter the Spaniards maintained a fitful intercourse with Brunei, varied by not infrequent hostilities, and in 1645 a punitive expedition on a larger scale than heretofore was sent to chastise Brunei for persistent acts of piracy.

Are not infrequent in Dlugosz's Historia Polonica, and his strong personal bias must certainly be taken into consideration in any critical estimate of that famous work.

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I performed all the infrequent and minimal tasks of Econ Scrutiny and handled any direct contact with Daniel Brennan.

The interior is dotted with infrequent villages inhabited by Dusuns or by Muruts, a village ordinarily consisting of a single long hut divided up into cubicles, one for the use of each family, opening out on to a common verandah along which the skulls captured by the tribe are festooned.

Sacrifice was relatively infrequent and undeveloped among the Red Indians.

He was referred in natural philosophy, including mathematics, and obtained his degree only by a special but by no means infrequent act of indulgence.

Gold (also platinum) is a not infrequent associate, but this may only mean that the sands in which the diamond is found have been searched because they were known to be auriferous; also that both gold and diamond are among the most durable of minerals and may have survived from ancient rocks of which other traces have been lost.

Thus in times of scarcity, which are not infrequent during the early part of the season, they become a heavy tax upon the food-supply of the colony at the critical period when brood-rearing is accelerated by an abundance of stores, while shortness of food means a fallingoff in egg-production.

Earthquakes are rare on the mainland, but not infrequent in Bismarck and d'Entrecasteaux archipelagos.