Sentence Examples with the word infrastructure

There were infrastructure keypads and a few of the nuke, bio, electromagnetic, and chem keypads for the East Coast weapons systems.

These were lesser keypads to other critical infrastructure functions that someone had swapped out.

Next, nations work to expand justice in the society and provide infrastructure to promote commerce.

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Surrounded by keypads controlling the critical infrastructure nodes for the East Coast, the sensitive keys she needed to inventory were held within a small vault.

The East Coast's infrastructure systems still reported to her micro, but she could tap into them from the Peace Command Center.

Dusty didn't know why Talon would choose Miami to make a stand, unless he wanted to take out as much of the Guardians' infrastructure as possible should he find some way to beat Czerno.

This solution, we believe, will provide enormous leverage for a more efficient and responsive infrastructure and opportunities for a smaller stockpile.

She slumped on the infrastructure terminal, awaiting the results of the status checks.

Heart pounding hard, she turned to face her destination: the command hub, where all emergency operations and critical infrastructure back-up networks and systems for the East Coast were routed in a time of crisis.

I didn't expect the critical infrastructure to disintegrate so fast.