Sentence Examples with the word informal

At an informal meeting on the 22nd of September the four great powers agreed that all subjects of general interest were to be settled by a committee consisting of Austria, Russia, Prussia and Great Britain together with France and Spain.

Their informal discussions laid the basis for more serious negotiations between Trumbic and Signor Torre, representing an influential committee of Italian deputies and senators.

On his arrival from Rome in 1847 he acted as informal diplomatic envoy from the pope, to ascertain from the government what support England was likely to give in carrying out the liberal policy with which Pius inaugurated his reign.

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In informal conferences with commissioners from the seceded states he assured them that Fort Sumter should be speedily evacuated.

It too, held the welcoming atmosphere of a hospital waiting room, with a living room, expansive kitchen, informal dining area and hallways leading off each side of the common areas.

He strongly promoted the League of Nations in the early part of that year; he attended the International Socialist Conference at Berne; and in Dec. 1920 he paid an informal visit to Ireland in the hope of promoting peace.

At first the whole proceeding was informal and impulsive enough; but by the 7th century it had grown thoroughly stereotyped and formal.

This last demand Benedetti submitted to the king in an informal meeting on the promenade at Ems, and the misleading reports of the conversation which were circulated were the immediate cause of the war which followed, for the Germans were led to believe that Benedetti had insulted the king, and the French that the king had insulted the ambassador.

So why would he suddenly want her to select the clothes he wore to an informal party where he knew no one.

This company, it is said, helped to attract the brokers back to the spinners, and an informal understanding was arrived at that the buying broker should not figure both as agent and principal in the same transaction.