Sentence Examples with the word inflorescence

Sometimes, especially towards the summit of a dichasium, owing to the exhaustion of the growing power of the plant, only one of the bracts gives origin to a new axis, the other remaining empty; thus the inflorescence becomes unilateral, and further development is arrested.

During the development of the inflorescence there is a rush of sap to the base of the young flowerstalk.

The second kind of inflorescence is determinate, definite or terminal.

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A series of empty coloured bracts terminates the inflorescence of Salvia Horminum.

The morphology of the female inflorescence of Cordaiteae has not yet been cleared up, but Taxus and Ginkgo among recent plants appear to offer the nearest analogies.

Pretty plants with broad, radical leaves, and a muchbranched inflorescence of numerous small flowers.

Anthericum and Chlorophytum, herbs with radical often grass-like leaves and scapes bearing a more or less branched inflorescence of small generally white flowers, are widely spread in the tropics.

Any sudden decrease of warmth would be very prejudicial to the progress of vegetation through the successive stages of foliation, inflorescence and fructification.

The inflorescence in the family Boraginaceae are usually regarded as true scorpioid cymes.

A cymose inflorescence is an inflorescence where the primary floral axis before terminating in a flower gives off one or more lateral unifloral axes which repeat the process - the development being only limited by the vigour of the plant.