Sentence Examples with the word infliction

The act of paying is perhaps the most uncomfortable infliction that the two orchard thieves entailed upon us.

Crudelitas), the intentional infliction of pain or suffering.

It may be replied that experience makes it reasonably certain that the infliction of certain penalties will produce acts of a certain character and that the influence of certain incentives upon conduct may be established as reasonably probable by induction.

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The story of Claude Gueux, published five years later (1834), another fervent protest against the infliction of capital punishment, was followed by many other eloquent and passionate appeals to the same effect, written or spoken on various occasions which excited the pity or the indignation of the orator or the poet.

There is .an enormous mass of so-called crime in England which is not crime at all, and still is perpetually penalized by an infliction of imprisonment for such short periods as to be perfectly futile.

Together with the kings and ephors it formed the supreme executive committee of the state, and it exercised also a considerable criminal and political jurisdiction, including the trial of kings; its competence extended to the infliction of a sentence of exile or even of death.

Violent assaults with infliction of serious wounds are also frequent.

Perhaps it's my past but I am more able to do so without the infliction of scorn and ridicule poured upon the other girls of my profession by the town's less sinful inhabitants.

But Bonaparte saw what they were planning; and to the rupture of the negotiations at Lille and an order for the resumption of hostilities he responded by a fresh act of disobedience and the infliction on the Directory of the peace of Campo-Formio, on October 17, 1797.

Coercion and intimidation slowly came to be leading ideas, the infliction of a lesser penalty than the capital.