Sentence Examples with the word inflexion

In the inflexion of the verb there is nothing special to note, except some instances of 2nd pers.

The inflexion is still greater for the winter isotherms. Closely following one another, they run almost N.

There is no inflexion to distinguish number, gender or case.

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The Aryan system of inflexion was preserved in Celtic, as may be seen in Stokes 's restoration of Celtic declension (Trans.

He succeeded in explaining the colour of thin and of thick plates, and the inflexion of light, and he wrote on double refraction, polarization and binocular vision.

Catalan being a variety of the langue doc, it will be convenient to note the peculiarities of its phonetics and inflexion as compared with ordinary Provenal, Tonic VowelsWith regard to a, which is pronounced alike in open and close syllables (amar, a m a r e; abre, a r b o r), there is nothing to remark.

Such Italian as is spoken by the lingering minority has marked divergences of pronunciation and inflexion from the language of Rome and Florence.

The accentuation in the inflexion of perfects in the conjugation called strong, like hubiiron hiziron, which correspond to h a b u r u n t, f e c e r u n t (while in the other Romance languages the Latin type is b r ii n t: Fr.

Egyptian roots consist of consonants and semi-consonants only, the inflexion being effected by internal vowel-change and the addition of consonants or vowels at the beginning or end.

But the new creative effort in language was accompanied by considerable crudeness of execution, and the novel word-formations and varieties of inflexion introduced by Pacuvius exposed him to the ridicule of the satirist Lucilius, and, long afterwards, to that of his imitator Persius.