Sentence Examples with the word inflation

Vicissitudes of over-production and inflation came to interfere with an even course of success, but the industry developed and has increased enormously.

Governments respond to that inflation by freezing prices.

By the waves of contraction executed by the proboscis accompanied by inflation of the collar, progression is effected, sometimes with marvellous rapidity.

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When inflation gets really bad, shopkeepers respond by refusing to take the inflated currency at all.

Land reform recently made the news in Zimbabwe where it was cruelly implemented with disastrous effects, including dramatically lowered food production, flight of capital from the country, increases in poverty, unimaginable inflation and, of course, wholesale murder and theft.

In Laminariaceae the inflation of the ends of conducting cells gives rise to the so-called trumpet-hyphae.

While the efforts made to develop the agricultural and mineral resources of the country proved successful, the towns continued to suffer from the inflation - over-buying, over-building and over-speculation - which marked the war period.

During the war the supplying of the army in the field had caused an artificial inflation of trade, and the Sprigg ministry had pursued a policy of extravagant expenditure not warranted by the finances of the colony.

In connexion with the large size of the ears is the excessive inflation of the auditory bulla of the skull.

Blaine, who had previously opposed greenback inflation now resisted depreciated silver coinage.