Sentence Examples with the word inflated

There are no bridges, and the transit of the river from bank to bank can only be effected by the use of inflated skins.

This was followed by a reaction and a general collapse of inflated values until 1873, when the discovery of the Great Bonanza mine brought about a revival of industry and of speculation.

Broad, but is easily crossed in boats or on inflated skins of oxen.

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It is at the head of the navigation of the Tigris, which is traversed down stream by keleks or rafts supported by inflated skins.

A study of the development of the pitcher, especially in the young pitchers of seedling plants, shows that the inflated portion is a development of the midrib of the leaf, while the wings, which are especially well represented in the terrestrial type of pitcher, represent the upper portion of the leaf-blade which has become separated from the lower portion by the tendril; the lid is regarded as representing two leaflets which have become fused.

The committee considered that the Post Office was not prevented either by legal agreement or by good faith from limiting or ending the monopoly of the company, and that competition appeared to be both expedient and necessary in order to extend and popularize the service and to avoid the danger that a purchase of the company's undertaking at an inflated price might be forced upon the government.

Instead of the sober annalistic style of the earlier historian we have a work marked by hyperbole, inflated rhetoric and homiletic reflection.

They appealed also to the velocity and dilatation of aeriform bodies, to whirlwinds and inflated balloons.

These bands, which may serve to strengthen the central cylinder, have been compared with the netting surrounding the delicate wall of an inflated balloon.

The inflated pod, I to IIin.