Sentence Examples with the word infirmity

We therefore do him the injustice of mistaking his infirmity for perversity.

In spite of his age and infirmity he showed some vigour in dealing with Cade's rebellion, and by his official experience and skill did what he could for four years to sustain the king's authority.

In spite of his infirmity and the brief duration of his reign, Pius II.

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It is singular enough that Glanvill who had not only shown, but even exaggerated, the infirmity of human reason, himself provided an example of its weakness; for, after having combated scientific dogmatism, he not only yielded to vulgar superstitions, but actually endeavoured to accredit them both in his revised edition of the Vanity of Dogmatizing, published as Scepsis scientifica (1665, ed.

But he was 10th to execute judgments upon English Puritans, and modern high churchmen complain of his infirmity of purpose, his opportunism and his failure to give Parker adequate assistance in rebuilding the shattered fabric of the English Church.

He attempted in vain to secure the election of his grandson Charles as king of the Romans, and in spite of increasing infirmity was eager to lead the imperial troops against the Turks.

He is not the only man whom absorption in work and infirmity of temper have made into a provoking husband, though few wives have had Mrs Carlyle's capacity for expressing the sense of injustice.

In 1136 he accompanied the imperial forces to Italy in the capacity of standard-bearer, distinguished himself by his soldierly skill, and in view of the increasing age and infirmity of Lothair, sought to win the favour of Pope Innocent II.

It was a noble end to what, in spite of its besetting sin of infirmity of moral purpose, was a not ignoble life.

It is necessary to insist upon this point, since it serves to illustrate a radical infirmity in Machiavelli's genius.