Sentence Examples with the word infinitive

And consequently becomes liable to be confounded with the infinitive (amar, render, partir).

The infinitive is not found; as in Greek, Rumanian and Bulgarian, it is replaced by the subjunctive with a particle.

The second form of the present infinitive (arare, credere, dormire) is used as a noun.

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There are three regular conjugations, distinguished (as in Latin) according to the termination of the present infinitive in a, e or i; e.g.

Antghi, aghi), has likewise served fur the forination not only of the past participle but also of the infinitive (agher, habere, can only be explained by ach, 3rd person of the perfect); the infinitives with r paragogic (viurer, seurer, plonrer) are not used (viure, seure, ploure ilistead); in the conjugation of the present of the verb essar or esser, the 2iid pers.

It is never preserved except when protected by the non-etymological I already spoken of (lie girt or llegt, but never liegsn); the r reappears, nevertheless, whenever the infinitive is followed by a pronoun (donarme, d-irho).