Sentence Examples with the word infantry

Large bodies of infantry with a fair proportion of guns still remained on shore on the 17th, but of these roughly half - about io,000 men and a number of guns in each area - were removed that night, so that on the 18th only a meagre force, composed almost wholly of infantry and disposed almost entirely in the trenches, was holding a long front face to face with a numerically far stronger enemy.

The centre of infantry stood on the forward slope of the long spur which runs east from Doon, and beyond them, practically on the plain, was the bulk of the Scottish cavalry.

His infantry was arranged in five huge oblongs, four of which (in lozenge formation) formed the centre and one the right wing at Liitzen.

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Charles X., after abdicating, had made a dignified exit from France, marching to the coast surrounded by the cavalry, infantry and artillery of his Guard.

The infantry in their blue uniforms advanced toward the bridge at a run.

The momentary result was a wild panic, especially among the horses; but this panic gave the alarm to the infantry all along the road, and these (Frossard's 2nd Corps) at once stood to arms and moved forward, deployed for attack - one division to the west, another division, from Rezonville, to the south.

On June 2, 3, 4 and 5 massed infantry attacks were delivered south of the Posina, but no impression was made on the Italian lines.

The infantry in the centre was arrayed in the small and handy battalions then peculiar to Gustavus's army, the horse on either wing extended from opposite Li tzen to some distance beyond Wallenstein's left, which Pappenheim was to extend on his arrival.

He had a regular army of 8000 infantry and 2000 cavalry, without counting 50,000 gowns (bodies of Arab horsemen) brought by the khalifas.

At the same hour on the 29th the infantry again went forward, the objectives being to complete the capture of the Marcoing line and the seizure of the Scheldt canal bridges W.