Sentence Examples with the word infamy

The royal Hypaspistae) played a great part in the first wars of the successors, and covered themselves with infamy by their betrayal of Eumenes.

After ages have held up Phalaris to infamy for his excessive cruelty.

Between the dates of these two great books appeared La Voix de Guernesey, a noble and terrible poem on the massacre of Mentana which branded and commemorated for ever the papal and imperial infamy of the colleagues in that crime.

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Campbell himself made the extraordinary declaration that to engage in a duel which could not be declined without infamy (i.e.

To avoid public infamy Piso committed suicide.

Their infamy is painted in lurid colours by contemporary writers of the 1st century B.C., and by a strange irony the work, or, rather, fragments of the work of one of these assailants of the later Maccabees, has achieved immortality by finding a covert in the chief manifesto that was issued on behalf of one of the earlier members of that dynasty.