Sentence Examples with the word inexperienced

This being so, it is evident that if all the distasteful species in a given area are differently coloured, some individuals of all the species will be annually sacrificed to the experimental tasting of inexperienced foes before the numerous lessons have been learnt.

On his arrival at Moor Park, Swift was, in his own words, a raw, inexperienced youth, and his duties were merely those of accountkeeper and amanuensis: his ability gradually won him the confidence of his employer, and he was entrusted with some important missions.

These new institutions were incomparably better than the old ones which they replaced, but they did not work such miracles as inexperienced enthusiasts expected.

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After holding various diplomatic posts, among them that of Prussian minister to Hamburg, he was sent to Bucharest in 1900 and remained there for 10 years, when he was recalled to occupy the post of Foreign Secretary under the somewhat inexperienced Chancellor, Herr von Bethmann Hollweg.

According to Brunnow, King William, by using his influence to secure the passage of the Reform Bill, had cast his crown into the gutter; the throne might endure for his lifetime, but the next heir was a young and inexperienced girl, and, even were the princess Victoria ever to mount the thronewhich was unlikely she would be speedily swept off it again by the rising tide of republicanism.

But no one at the time foresaw (what now seems so evident) that this was the only way an army of eight hundred thousand men--the best in the world and led by the best general--could be destroyed in conflict with a raw army of half its numerical strength, and led by inexperienced commanders as the Russian army was.

To her imaginative and inexperienced mind, it was obvious that he was doing their homework.

Katie had forgiven his inexperienced blundering, but as she had grown closer to Alex, she had drifted further from Carmen.

I was learning, as all young and inexperienced persons learn, by assimilation and imitation, to put ideas into words.

In this year Lorenzo died, and was succeeded by his son, the vain and weak Piero; France passed beneath the personal control of the inexperienced Charles viii.