Sentence Examples with the word ineffective

The plot of The Lover's Melancholy, which is ineffective because it leaves no room for suspense in the mind of X.

In 1758, under the duke of Marlborough, he shared in the ineffective raid on Cancale Bay, and the troops, after a short sojourn in the Isle of Wight, were sent to join the allied army of Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick in Germany.

The plan of an international fleet to coerce the Mahommedan is even to this day ineffective; but the Hospitallers, who acquired a new basis by the conquest of Rhodes in 1310, used their fleet to enforce a partial and, on the whole, ineffective blockade of the coast of the Levant.

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Other light switches were as equally ineffective as the first.

This half measure was as ineffective as was to have been expected.

After an ineffective siege of Basel, he made peace with the Swiss confederation, and led his robber soldiers into Alsace to ravage the country of the Habsburgs, who refused him the promised winter quarters.

This arrangement was expected to ensure a sufficient change in air to keep such railways properly ventilated, but experience has proved it to be ineffective for the purpose.

Besides minor advantages, this plan has the merit of avoiding an ineffective period which occurs in common open-hearth procedure just after the charge of cast iron has been melted down.

He was weak, vacillating and ineffective as a politician, lacking in judgment and decision, and without any great parliamentary talent.

He helped the ineffective Celestine V.