Sentence Examples with the word industry

There isi,'some mining industry (silver and lead).

But in the recent and great development of the iron industry the red haematite ores have been overwhelmingly predominant.

Truck-gardening is an important industry of the township. In the Pequot Swamp within the present Fairfield a force of Pequot Indians was badly defeated in 1637 by some whites, among whom was Roger Ludlow, who, attracted by the country, founded the settlement in 1639 and gave it its present name in 1645.

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Its largest industry is, perhaps, the manufacture of thread; there are also in the town ironworks, breweries, shipbuilding yards and electrical works.

On methods of marketing to certain portions of the above must be added: Ellison's Cotton Trade of Great Britain; Chapman's Lancashire Cotton Industry (ch.

The industry in comparison with former times, when the town had so considerable a manufacture in muslin as to give its name to that fabric, is very unimportant; trade also, which is almost exclusively in the hands of native merchants, has fallen off greatly, although the town remains the collecting and distributing centre for the north Mesopotamian desert and Kurdistan.

The ancient industry was woollen, but soon after the invention of the spinning frame the cotton trade was introduced, and as early as 1769 the weaving of ginghams, nankeens and calicoes was carried on, and the weaving of cotton yarn by machinery soon became the staple industry.

The match-making industry is subject to special fiscal conditions.

The rise of the industry has been favored by protective tariffs and by a system of excise which allows a considerable premium to manufacturers.

There is, further, a large engineering industry in the London district; and important manufactures of agricultural implements are found at many towns of East Anglia and in other agricultural localities.