Sentence Examples with the word industrially

Of Dover, and opposite the town of Berwick, Maine, industrially a part of Somersworth.

Adjacent to the city and also in the township are East Durham and West Durham (both unincorporated), which industrially are virtually part of the city.

Other minerals that have been discovered but have not been industrially developed are gypsum, lignite and cement rock.

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Lead chromate, PbCrO 4, is prepared industrially as a yellow pigment, chrome yellow, by precipitating sugar of lead solution with potassium bichromate.

The earliest serious attempt to refine copper industrially was made by G.

Though not for many years a financial success, the Inter-Colonial railway, which was opened in 1876, has in a marked way fulfilled its object by binding together socially and industrially widely separated portions of the Dominion.

Colonized by the steady industrial peoples of northern Europe, there is no danger of the turbulence of the industrially indolent but more passionate peoples of Central and South America.

Newport is essentially a residential suburb of Cincinnati, but it is also industrially important.

The first permanent white settlement at Charleston was made soon after the close of the War of Independence; it was one of the places through which the streams of immigrants entered the; Ohio Valley, and it became of considerable importance as a centre of transfer and shipment, but it was not until the development of the coalmining region that it became industrially important.

The organization of the French colonies, though industrially ruinous, gave them Illustrations representative of the primitive cultures of Central America, Mexico and Peru (q.q.v.) selected and arranged by Dr Walter Lehmann of the Royal Ethnographical Museum, Norwich.