Sentence Examples with the word indolence

But his incurable indolence and love of pleasure prevented him from taking any active part in affairs.

Agriculture is extensively followed, chiefly by the Gallas, the indolence of the Abyssinians preventing them from being good farmers.

Was disqualified by constitutional indolence from taking any active part in affairs.

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The Mahommedans, indeed, wore severely punished at Belgrade (1456), and in the sea fight of Metelino (1457): but the indolence of the European princes, who failed to push home the victory, rendered the success abortive.

Although the processes are primitive and improvements are discouraged, both by the policy of the government and by an indolence and suspiciousness of innovation natural to the people themselves, fine crops of cereals are yielded, especially in the large wheat-lands of Hauran.

The Venetian nobles abandoned themselves to indolence and vice.

Owing to Aratus's irresolute generalship, the indolence of the rich burghers and the inadequate provision for levying troops and paying mercenaries, the league lost several battles and much of its territory; but rather than compromise with the Spartan Gracchus the assembly negotiated with Antigonus Doson, who recovered the lost districts but retained Corinth for himself (223-221).

The natural indolence of the people has been fostered by the constant wars, which have discouraged peaceful occupations.

Maintained its rigid austerity, till in the course of years wealth impaired its discipline, and its members sank into indolence and luxury.

Their cupidity is mitigated by generosity; their natural indolence by the necessity, especially among the peasantry, to work hard to gain a livelihood.