Sentence Examples with the word indian mutiny

Forrest, History of the Indian Mutiny (1904), and Selections from State Papers (1897); T.

During the Indian Mutiny Dost Mahommed punctiliously refrained from assisting the insurgents.

Holmes, History of the Indian Mutiny (1898); Kaye and Malleson's History of the Indian Mutiny (1864-1888); R.

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The name of Cawnpore is indelibly connected with the blackest episode in the history of the Indian Mutiny - the massacre here in July 1857 of hundreds of women and children by the Nana Sahib.

It was just at the time when Hodson's career seemed ruined that the Indian Mutiny broke out, and he obtained the opportunity of rehabilitating himself.

This was interrupted by the Indian Mutiny of 1857, but as soon as the neck of that revolt was broken, it became more urgent than ever to provide such a resource, on account of the great number of prisoners falling into British hands.