Sentence Examples with the word index

If the amounts of vaccine used and the times of the injection are suitably chosen, there may thus be produced by a series of steps a rise of the opsonic index to a high level.

Alphabetical Index of Symbols.

Thus the alkalinity serves as an index of the admixture of river water with sea-water.

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Jackson put his index finger to his ear.

And the disk also carries the index arm which plays past the vertical face of the chart, and indicates the weight and price up to 2-lb weight.

ALIDADE (from the Arab.), the movable index of a graduated arc, used in the measurement of angles.

His Life, written by himself up to 1678, with his diary and correspondence, and an index to his manuscript collections, was edited by William Hamper, and published in 1827.

Photog., 1891, 5, p. 225; 18 93, 7, p. 221), cemented objectives of thin lenses permit the elimination of spherical aberration on the axis, if, as above, the collective lens has a smaller refractive index; on the other hand, they permit the elimination of astigmatism and curvature of the field, if the collective lens has a greater refractive index (this follows from the Petzval equation; see L.

See also De Potter, Vie de Scipion de' Ricci (3 vols., Brussels, 1825), based on a MS. life and a MS. account of the synod placed on the Index in 1823.

A fixed mark which serves as an index is placed on the lower side of the collective lens and is seen clearly at the same time as the graduation of the movable slide.