Sentence Examples with the word indestructibility

In this work, the product, according to Lange, of a fanatical enthusiasm for humanity, he sought to demonstrate the indestructibility of matter and force, and the finality of physical force.

Further, he defended against the Stoics the Peripatetic doctrine of the eternity of the world and the indestructibility of the human race.

Starting like his predecessors with the indestructibility of matter, Haeckel makes more than they do of the conservation of energy, and merges the persistence of matter and energy in one universal law of substance, which, on the ground that body is subject to eternal transformation, is also' the universal law of evolution.

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From it Spencer proceeds to deduce the indestructibility of matter and energy, the equivalence and transformation of forces, the necessity of a rhythm, of Evolution (i.e.

It is not half so wonderful as the conservation of force or the indestructibility of matter...