Sentence Examples with the word indent

In the Coastal Plain region the temperature is quite stable from day to day, as a result of the equalizing effect of the numerous bays which indent this province.

These tags indent the bloodvessel.

Besides the indent business there is, of course, purely merchant business by Manchester exporters, who buy on their own initiative at what they consider to be opportune times or on recommendations from their houses or correspondents abroad.

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In the Indian trade, especially in the Calcutta trade, a large proportion of the total amount is done by a few houses who buy in this way, and there is some difference of opinion as to whether the method, which had fallen out of fashion, may not further develop. It is more speculative than the indent business, but the dealing with large quantities which it involves gives the opportunity to buy very cheaply.

It rises out of deep water; well-sheltered creeks indent the opposite shores on both sides.

Washington's many waterways, both fresh and salt, and especially those which indent or are near the coast, make the fisheries resources of great value.