Sentence Examples with the word indemnity

Peace was then made on the terms that Turkey should retain her conquests and Venice should pay an indemnity of 300,000 ducats.

Boundary cases and cases of indemnity for losses sustained by non-combatants in time of war, of which several instances have already been mentioned, belong to this class.

At the restoration he was excluded from the act of indemnity but not included in the clause of pains and penalties extending to life and goods, being therefore only incapacitated from public employment.

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At the close of the war with Chile there was an indemnity debt due to citizens of that republic of 6,550,830 bolivianos, which had been nearly liquidated in 1904 when Chile took over the unpaid balance.

King John urged the acceptance of these terms. The legate insisted on a large indemnity in addition: the negotiations failed, and the sultan prepared for war.

Again obstruction precluded debate, and on the 22nd of July 1899 the decree automatically acquired force of law, pending the adoption of a bill of indemnity by the Chamber.

He was required to reduce his army, to give up all his decked ships except five, and to pay an indemnity of 1000 talents (L244,000).

The Turks continued to press the Venetians by land and sea; Albania, which under Scanderberg had for twenty-five years resisted the Ottoman arms, was overrun; and Venice was forced to agree to a treaty by which she ceded to Turkey Scutari and KroIa, and consented to pay an indemnity of ioo,000 ducats (Jan.

Through Anglo-French mediation Piedmonts war indemnity was reduced from 230,000,000 to 75,000,000 lire, but the question of the amnesty remained.

Marshal Cainpos was sent n Fez to make a treaty, in which he obtained ample redress and the promise of an indemnity of 800,ooo, which Morocco punctually paid.