Sentence Examples with the word incriminating

The success with which the conspirators concealed their plot from Salisbury's spies is indeed astonishing, but is probably explained by its very audacity and by the absence of incriminating correspondence, the medium through which the minister chiefly obtained his knowledge of the plans of his enemies.

The ex-queen, on whose premises arms and ammunition and a number of incriminating documents were found, was arrested and was imprisoned for nine months in the former palace.

Piso committed suicide, though it was rumoured that Tiberius, fearing incriminating disclosures, had put him to death.

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It seems she considered it somewhat incriminating as she was supposed to be at the pool with some of the other guests at the time.

In spite of what Allen thought, no incriminating words had crossed her lips.

He was trying to find incriminating evidence on Yancey.

He obtained a seat in parliament; and in spite of Danby's endeavour to seize his papers by an order in council, on the 10th of December 1678 caused two of the incriminating letters written by Danby to him to be read aloud to the House of Commons by the Speaker.

Strangely enough, however, the government passed over the incriminating conversation with Greenway, and relied entirely on the strong circumstantial evidence to support the charge of high treason against the prisoner.

In June 17 9 2 his papers were seized at the foreign office, without anything incriminating being discovered; in July he was denounced, and after the 10th of August was proscribed.

This article, which was based upon a mass of incriminating documents supplied to Friedjung by the Austro-Hungarian Foreign Office, had been timed to coincide with the outbreak of hostilities against Serbia, and was to have been the first of a series convicting the Serbian Government and dynasty of aggressive and even murderous designs.