Sentence Examples with the word incorporeal

This conception has been extended by analogy to phenomena different in kind, such as the activities of masses of water or of air, or of machinery, or by another analogy, to the duration of a composite structure, and by imagination to real or supposed phenomena such as the manifestations of incorporeal entities.

It was through these powers that the incorporeal world of thought was framed, which served as the archetype of this world of appearance.

Became in all respects incorporeal freehold property.

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The common law doctrine of a six months' notice being required to terminate a tenancy from year to year of a corporeal hereditament, does not apply to an incorporeal hereditament such as a right to shoot.

They are regarded as incorporeal hereditaments, and are either appendant or in gross.

But hallucinatory figures, both in dreams and waking life, are not necessarily those of the living; from the reappearance of dead friends or enemies primitive man was inevitably led to the belief that there existed an incorporeal part of man which survived the dissolution of the body.