Sentence Examples with the word inconvenient

Had indeed attempted their subjugation, with but indifferent success; but it was not till 1484 that the Ottomans became inconvenient neighbours to Poland.

The old feudal arrangement of the diet, with its inconvenient divisions, was retained, and the privy council continued to be the depository of power.

The third form is the outflow or reversing thermometer, first introduced by Aime, who used a very inconvenient form in the Mediterranean in 1841-1845, but greatly improved and simplified by Negretti and Zambra in 1875.

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Early in 1764 Lord Grenville had informed the London agents of the American colonies that he proposed to lay a portion of the burden left by the war with France upon the shoulders of the colonists by means of a stamp duty, unless some other tax equally productive and less inconvenient were proposed.

Delage has distinguished as multiplication those cases in which the new individual arises from a mass of cells which remain a part of the maternal tissues during differentiation, reserving the term reproduction for those cases in which the spore or cell which is the starting-point of the new individual begins by separating from the maternal tissues; but the distinction is inconvenient in practice and does not appear to carry with it any fundamental biological significance.

For the North had proclaimed a blockade of the Southern ports; and it wo-old have been both inconvenient and unfair if Lord Russell had decided to recognize the blockade and had refused to acknowledge the belligerent rights of the Southern States.

A flaith by arranging that his tenants should make their payments at different periods of the year, secured a constant and copious supply without an inconvenient surplus.

One clue following another until we are together and I rid myself of your foolish games and inconvenient interruptions.

The obstacle is that, owing to unavoidable irregularities in the blast-furnace process, the siliconand sulphur-content of the cast iron vary to a degree and with an abruptness which are inconvenient for any conversion process and intolerable for the Bessemer process.

Their political influence, again, which arises from the fusion of private and political law in Koran and Sunna, is highly inconvenient to the state, and often becomes intolerable now that relations with Western states are multiplied.