Sentence Examples with the word inconclusive

This most inconclusive report, and the baseless idea that the adoption of the Nile route would involve rio chance of bloodshed, which the government was anxious to avoid, seem to Wolseley have decided the question.

In the same year he published in the form of a letter to Payne Collier an amusing and extremely inconclusive essay on Shakespeare's legal acquirements.

It is by endless subdivisions based upon the most inconclusive differences, that some departments of natural history become so repellingly intricate.

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We need not, however, spend much time on the well-worn but inconclusive arguments of the older critics.

His inspiration may be traced in some measure to the Pre-Raphaelites and also to Blake, Shelley and Maeterlinck; but he found in his native Irish legend and life matter apt for his romantic and often elfin music, with its artful simplicities and unhackneyed cadences, and its elusive, inconclusive charm.

After an inconclusive campaign in Munster in January 1600, he returned in haste to Donegal, where he received supplies from Spain and a token of encouragement from Pope Clement VIII.

Cromwell, upon the inconclusive termination of the conference summoned in 1655 at Whitehall to consider the Jewish question, tacitly assented to the return of the Jews to this country, and at the restoration his action was confirmed.

After the inconclusive proceedings at the realm-council of Merton (1236), when spiritual and temporal lords took opposite views, the king's judges went a step further and thenceforward submitted this particular question to a jury.