Sentence Examples with the word inclement

Similarly the upper basin of,the Danube, or the Bavarian plain, has a rather inclement climate in winter, the average for January being 25 to 26.

Concerning all this, it is much to be deplored that the mast-heads of a southern whale ship are unprovided with those enviable little tents or pulpits, called CROW'S-NESTS, in which the look-outs of a Greenland whaler are protected from the inclement weather of the frozen seas.

The Vosges, and their continuation the Hardt, run through the land from south to north and divide it into the fertile and mild plain of the Rhine, together with the slope of the Hardt range, on the east, and the rather inclement district on the west, which, running between the Saarbriick carboniferous mountains and the northern spurs of the Hardt range, ends in a porphyrous cluster of hills, the highest point of which is the Donnersberg (2254 ft.).

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We bring the goats in from this side and let them out the other when we're milking, but during the inclement days they stay in this barn.

They require the same culture as the more familiar garden varieties; but, as some of them are apt to suffer from excess of moisture, it is advisable to plant them in prepared soil in a raised pit, where they are brought nearer to the eye, and where they can be sheltered when necessary by glazed sashes, which, however, should not be closed except when the plants are at rest, or during inclement weather in order to protect the blossoms, especially in the case of winter flowering species.

The climate is that of the other central states of Germany, temperate in the valleys and plains and somewhat inclement in the hilly regions.

These hills afford shelter from inclement winds, and give Warrenpoint and other neighbouring watering-places on the lough a climate which renders them as popular in winter as in summer.

The climate is on the whole mild, though somewhat inclement in the higher regions to the south-west.

The climate, though not generally unhealthy, may be inclement in winter and hot in summer.

In the inclement regions of the N.