Sentence Examples with the word incised

A, capsule showing mode of incision practised in Turkey; b, capsule as incised in India; c, nushtur, or instrument used in India for making the incisions.

The exterior facade is enriched with marble columns brought from Alexandria and other cities of the East, and bearing in many cases incised graffiti.

Palanga; lower aniconic half of draped statue with incised inscription, now in Constantinople.

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Argaeus; incised rockinscription.

In the megaron and other rooms the floors are of good concrete decorated with a simple series of incised lines, coloured blue and red.

A solution of borax to act as a flux was brushed over the metal plate and thoroughly worked into its incised lines.

The finest specimens of this porcelain had incised decoration, sparingly employed but adding much to the beauty of the piece.

The capsules are incised vertically, or in some districts vertical cuts with diagonal branches are made.

Babylon; a bowl and a stela of storm-god, both with incised inscriptions; doubtless spoil of war or tribute brought from Syria.

Very beautiful results are obtained by the kebori method, but incomparably the finest work in the incised class is that known as kcjta-kiri-bors.