Sentence Examples with the word incense

And the whole argument from analogy is in favour of the presumption of the ceremonial use of incense by the Christians from the first.

Vestments are worn only at the ministration of the sacraments; incense is used invariably at the Eucharist and frequently at other services.

I meant not to incense thee.

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Various expedients were adopted, as, e.g., the use of incense just before the beginning of service, by which it was sought to retain incense without infringing the law as laid down by the archbishops.

Aeneas Tacticus in the following century mentions a mixture of sulphur, pitch, charcoal, incense and tow, which was packed in wooden vessels and thrown lighted upon the decks of the enemy's ships.

They probably carried the incense in the sacred bag so frequently seen in their hands and in those also of the common priests.

They continued, and Deidre's attention went to a small shop behind the tents, from which incense drifted.

Despite her fury and fear, she found his presence oddly calming, like sitting in a spa surrounded by incense with her feet in a salt bath.

He strained every nerve to induce his clergy to accept his ruling on the questions of the reservation of the Sacrament and of the ceremonial use of incense in accordance with the archbishop's judgment in the Lincoln case; but when, during his last illness, a prosecutor brought proceedings against the clergy of five recalcitrant churches, the bishop, on the advice of his archdeacons, interposed his veto.

The other biblical books do not mention the Sabaeans except incidentally, in allusion to their trade in incense and perfumes, gold and precious stones, ivory, ebony, and costly garments (Jer.