Sentence Examples with the word inappropriate

The radical contrast between mechanical and spiritual religion, though fundamental for modern theology, is alien to the primitive point of view, and is therefore inappropriate to the purposes of anthropological description.

This event has such an important bearing on the issue of Magna Carta that it is not inappropriate to quote the actual words used by Matthew Paris in describing the incident.

The prevailing winds respond to the stronger poleward temperature gradients of winter by rising to a higher velocity and a more frequent and severer cyclonic storminess; and to the weaker gradients of summer by relaxing to a lower velocity with fewer and weaker cyclonic storms; but furthermore the northern zone occupied by the prevailing westerlies expands as the winds strengthen in winter, and shrinks as they weaken in summer; thus the stormy westerlies, which impinge upon the north-western coast and give it plentiful rainfall all through the year, in winter reach southern California and sweep across part of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida; it is for this reason that southern California has a rainy winter season, and that the states bordering on the Gulf of Mexico are visited in winter by occasional intensified cold winds, inappropriate to their latitude.

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His dark suit was inappropriate for the casual atmosphere, but she had to admit that he looked dashing.

He was talking and acting in an inappropriate manner.

The name has no reference to the appearance of the body to the eye; when emitting energy, its radiations will he of all wave-lengths, and if intense enough will appeal to the eye as luminous between about wave-lengths 7600 and 4000 tenth-metres; this intensity is a question of temperature, and as it is exquisitely inappropriate to speak of the bulk of the solar radiations as black, the writer will speak instead of amorphous radiations from an ideal radiator.

He was destitute of military skill, and wrecked army after army by attempting hard tasks at inappropriate times and by mistaken methods.

The most important of these polemical treatises is the Refutation of all Heresies, which has come to be known by the inappropriate title of the Philosophumena.

The two sat side by side on the bed, both ignoring the inappropriate behavior.

The entire edifice has been restored since 1898, and the frescoes by Guercino and Caracci, which decorate parts of its roof, though good in themselves, are inappropriate to its severe style.