Sentence Examples with the word inapplicable

We learn also that on account of the variation of g with the locality a gravitational system of force-measurement is inapplicable when more than a moderate degree of accuracy is desired.

Locally both the sedimentary and igneous parts of the group have been highly metamorphosed; but as a rule the alteration of the sedimentary portions has not gone so far that stratigraphic methods are inapplicable to them, though in some places detailed study is necessary to make out their structure.

When the goods to be weighed are very heavy, portable weigh - bridges or platform machines are inapplicable and it is necessary to erect the weighbridge on a solid foundation.

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Or in other words, the conception of a cause is inapplicable to the phenomena we are examining.

Yet he has written nothing so characteristic of Vaucluse as to be inapplicable to any solitude where there are woods and water.

These, however, were inapplicable to London, and it was realized Metro- Instead, the London Government Act of 1899 was evolved.

Lightfoot, however, has proved that Polycarp's statements may equally well be directed against Corinthianism or any other form of Docetism, while some of his arguments are absolutely inapplicable to Marcionism.

The Legislative Assembly, without a mandate for modifying a constitution that had become inapplicable with the suspension of the monarch, had before disappearing convoked a National Convention, and as the reward of the struggle for liberty had replaced the limited franchise by universal suffrage.

Above all it should be borne in mind that nearly all the last subdivisions or provinces are of very little real value and most of them are inapplicable to other classes of animals.

This method is said to answer well with the latex of Castilloa, but it appears to be inapplicable to the latex of Hevea, which does not cream readily when centrifugalized.