Sentence Examples with the word inadvisable

It is inadvisable to explore for a suspected abscess with a hollow needle without first opening the abdomen, as septic fluid might thus be enabled to leak out, and infect the general peritoneal cavity.

He was one of those who found it inadvisable to remain in Germany, and he departed to find a refuge in Switzerland.

Certain official posts, of which it would have been inadvisable to deprive senators, could thus be bestowed upon the promoted equites..

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In the circumstances de Winton considered a British protectorate inadvisable and impracticable.

For reasons indicated elsewhere (see Russia: Railways) it was found inadvisable to continue the railroad along the Shilka and the Amur to Khabarovsk, and arrangements were made in 1896 with the Chinese government for the construction of a trans-Manchurian railway.

It is inadvisable to lower the temperature quite to the normal while the patient is in the bath, as frequently it falls after his removal, and may fall so far as to induce collapse.

But as it was deemed inadvisable to allow him to visit the Punjab, he remained for some time as a guest at the residency at Aden, and was allowed to receive some of his relatives to witness his abjuration of Christianity, which actually took place within the residency itself.