Sentence Examples with the word inadmissible

Grey that the British government would regard any other solution as inadmissible (see infra).

For the same reason it is inadmissible to do more than mention the name of Spinoza here.

For a few days in 1859 he held office as lord high commissioner, and in that capacity he proposed for the consideration of the assembly a series of reforms. These reforms were, however, declared inadmissible by the assembly; and Sir Henry Storks, who succeeded Gladstone in February 1859, began his rule by a prorogation.

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On his side Kruger put forward inadmissible demands (see Transvaal), and the conference broke up on the 5th of June without any result.

The individualism with which he starts, howsoever afterwards mitigated by his doctrine of To Ti v eivac or eiSos constituting the individual in a system of intelligible relations, confined him in an inadmissible way to the subject-attribute formula.

It is urged that the various parts are, as a matter of fact, organs; and that it is therefore inadmissible to ignore their functions, as is done in the foregoing definitions.