Sentence Examples with the word inadequacy

Anne's residence at Mittau was embittered by the utter inadequacy of her revenue, which she keenly felt.

The inadequacy of the sinner's own repentance (see Indulgence).

For much of all this the prime minister's colleagues were primarily responsible; but he himself had given a lead to the anti-militarist section by prominently advocating international disarmament, and the marked rebuff to the British proposals at the Hague conference of 1907 exposed alike the futility of this Radical ideal and the general inadequacy of the prime minister's policy of pacificism.

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It is easy for the student now to show the inadequacy of his sources, and his failure here or there to discriminate between fact and fable.

The volatile truth of our words should continually betray the inadequacy of the residual statement.

It is of course a postulate that all truths harmonize, but to give the harmonious whole in a projection in one plane is an undertaking whose adequacy in one sense involves an inadequacy in another.

In 1900 a Royal Commission was appointed to investigate the existing administration of the port, the alleged inadequacy of accommodation for vessels and kindred questions, and to advance a scheme of, 375 347 55591.69 reform.

Unfortunately, failing health compelled him to abandon the second or constructive part: the first, a brilliant piece of writing which attempts to show the ethical inadequacy of revealed religion and is marked in parts by much bitterness, was published in 1887 under the title of The Service of Man.

The feeble inadequacy of conception, infirmity of power, factional jealousy, disintegrating particularism, and vicious finance of the Confederation were realized by many others; but none other saw so clearly the concrete nationalistic remedies for these concrete ills, or pursued remedial ends so constantly, so ably, and so consistently.

The difficulty of tracing the relationships of algae is largely due to the inadequacy of our knowledge of the conditions under which they pass through the critical stages of their life-cycle.