Sentence Examples with the word in-between

She saw someone waiting for her in the center of the in-between world and recognized Rhyn.

The pain faded then stopped suddenly, but she wasn't able to leave the in-between place.

She hesitated, growing uncomfortable in the clammy in-between place with the scary stranger.

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Suddenly hopeful, Deidre stepped into the in-between place.

Portals to various places in the mortal and underworlds glowed in the in-between shadow realm.

He pulled out his phone, texted Bianca, and waited, willing the message to make it to her in the in-between world where he'd accidentally sent her.

She froze in the middle of the in-between place.

She had no concept of time in the in-between place.

She kicked and fought, unable to escape his grip when the cold in-between world swallowed her.

The in-between place where Jake's drugs put her were filled with horrifying visions of Cody and other strangers dying while Dr. Czerno screamed at her to return to him in his inhuman computer voice.