Sentence Examples with the word in truth

With proclamations, placaats and statutes abundantly filling huge tomes, the caprice of the governor was in truth the law.

The dissolution of feudalism, the development of towns, the growth of scholasticism, all these and much more have been ascribed to the Crusades, when in truth they were concomitants rather than results, or at any rate, if in part the results of the Crusades, were in far larger part the results of other things.

Is slurred, as if there could be no two opinions regarding that; whereas in truth there are two hundred opinions.

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God, who is the cause of the concomitance of bodily and mental facts, is in truth the sole cause in the universe.

Especially it was Gorgei (q.v.) whose great abilities he was the first to recognize, who refused obedience; the two men were in truth the very opposite to one another: the one all feeling, enthusiasm, sensibility; the other cold, stoical, reckless of life.

Such ideas of relation are in truth the stumbling-block in Locke's philosophy, and Berkeley's empiricism is equally far from accounting for them.

The interlocutors must in truth render an account under the stimulus of organized heckling from their equals or superiors in de.bating ability.

Macaulay imputes this reduction to Hastings as a characteristic act of financial immorality; but in truth it had been expressly enjoined by the court of directors, in a despatch dated six months before he took up office.

Sicily in truth never had a more hopeful champion than Hiero II.

To the development of the post-Kantian psychological logic. Another movement helped also; the exponents of naturalistic evolution were prepared with Spencer to explain the so-called a priori in knowledge as in truth a posteriori, if not to the individual at any rate to the race.