Sentence Examples with the word in this

It may be conjectured that, when he emerged from the purely Socratic phase of his earlier years, Plato gave himself to the study of contemporary methods of education and to the elaboration of an educational system of his own, and that it was in this way that he came to the metaphysical speculations of his maturity.

He returned in October, but was not included among the lords justices appointed regents during William's absence in this year.

In the depressions of the dunes and on' the geest grounds at their foot, small woods have been planted in places, and in this sheltered strip market-gardening and horticulture are practised.

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And in this connexion He introduces two of the main methods to which historical criticism of the Old Testament has recurred in modern times: He appeals to the oldest history rather than to the Pentateuchal code as proving that the later conception of the law was unknown in ancient times (Matt.

The river enlarged the canal, and finding a steeper gradient than that to its mouth, was diverted into the Colorado desert, flooding Salton Sea; 1 and when the break in this river was closed for the second time in February 1907, though much of its water still escaped through minor channels and by seepage, a lake more than 400 sq.

At the first impact each layer of surface molecules which takes the shock of the impact will be thrust back upon the layer behind it: this layer will in this way be set into motion and so influence the layer still further behind;.

Eminent naturalists were still debating whether in this group there were eyes or no eyes, whether the eyes were stalked or sessile, whether the animals observed were larval or adult.

Cullen was then appointed sole professor of the practice of physic, and he continued in this office till a few months before his death, which took place on the 5th of February 1790.

But even in this period of headlong reaction his influence was felt and feared.

The ternary alloys containing bismuth, tin and lead have been studied in this way by F.