Sentence Examples with the word in the south

Dukhn, a species of millet which can grow in the arid northern districts is there the chief grain crop, its place in the south being taken by durra.

Quiller Couch; A Stevenson Medley (1899); In the South Seas: experiences.

In the north the staple products for export are salt, grain, wool and cotton, in the south opium and cotton; while the imports consist of sugar, hardware and piece goods.

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Is a rodent andisfound inconsiderable numbers in the south of Prussia.

The American coasts are for the most part mountainous and unbroken, the chief indentation being the Gulf of California; but the general type is departed from in the extreme north and south, the southern coast of South America consisting of bays and fjords with scattered islands, while the coast of Alaska is similarly broken in the south and becomes low and swampy towards the north.

Treatises on poverty appeared on every side; the party of Occam clamoured with increasing imperiousness for the condemnation of John by a general council; and the Spirituals, confounded in the persecution with the Beghards and with Fraticelli of every description, maintained themselves in the south of France in spite of the reign of terror instituted in that region by the Inquisition.

Horse beans are grown, especially in the south and in the larger islands; lupines are also grown for fodder.

Upper: Red and grey sandstones, marls and clays with occasional breccias, thin coals and limestones with Spirorbis, workable coals in the South Wales, Coal Bristol, Somerset and Forest of Dean coalfields.

It is generally distributed in all suitable localities throughout England, but is limited to a few lakes and ponds in the south of Scotland and in Ireland.

In1904-1905there were famines and some native discontent in the south of Tunisia; but in general the country has prospered amazingly under the French protec torate.