Sentence Examples with the word in the middle

This is Prajapati, and the sacrificer, who when regenerated will pass upwards through the three worlds to the realms of light, naturally perforated bricks being for this purpose placed in the middle of the three principal altar-layers.

The new, now the old, buildings at Magdalen were begun the same year, the foundation-stone being laid in the middle of the high altar on the 5th of May 1474 (Wood, 207).

But my house occupied so sunny and sheltered a position, and its roof was so low, that I could afford to let the fire go out in the middle of almost any winter day.

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Independent of this group of alliterative romances is the not less important body of historical verse associated with the names of John Barbour, Andrew of Wyntoun, and, in the middle period, Harry the Minstrel.

I suppose you've got a good reason why you tried to beat the brains out of a guy holding an ice ax, in the middle of the street with a bunch of people watching.

She stood in the middle of the chamber, quaking and praying he wasn.t the sadistic bastard Sasha was.

But Benedict, the deacon of Otgar of Mainz, is as much of a hypothetical personage as Isidorus Mercator; moreover, in the middle of the 9th century the condition of the province of Mainz was not disturbed, nor were the chorepiscopi menaced.

The last thing David Dean had wanted to do was to climb back in his tired automobile and drive to Philadelphia in the middle of the night.

In the West, however, in the middle ages, the procession with candles and banners outside the church was taken as symbolical of Christ's triumphant entry into heaven.

Standing as usual in the middle of the hall and choosing the place where the resonance was best, Natasha began to sing her mother's favorite song.