Sentence Examples with the word in the end

He had here to contend both with the Russians and the Austrians; and although at first he had some success, his army was in the end completely broken.

But in the end he was forced to yield to the importunity of his family (February 17th); and Decazes, raised to the rank of duke, passed into honourable exile as ambassador to Great Britain.

If it can be shown that, however the duration and all other conditions of the experiment may be varied, the same amount of heat can in the end be always produced when the same amount of energy is expended, then, and only then, can we infer that heat is a form of energy, and that the energy consumed has been really transformed into heat.

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In his Microcosmus) he makes readjustments without perhaps very clearly informing the reader what is being done, and in the end he is unmistakably idealist.

Accordingly, in the end the old ideal of gentlemanliness is displaced by the new ideal of the speculative and practical life.

Upon Humphreys' division fell the brunt of Lee's attack on the second day, by which in the end the III.

The subtle agnostic, who doubted reason because reason could not be supported in the end by empirical evidence, was less in his view than persons blindly resting on authority or prejudice.

Oddly enough Amadeus did in the end get hold of the city, for, having been elected pope under the name of Felix V., he named himself to the vacant see of Geneva (1444), and kept it, after his resignation of the Papacy in 1449, till his death in 1451.

In order to expel them from the Zuurveld, Colonel John Graham took the field with a mixed force in December 1811, and in the end the Kaffirs were driven beyond the Fish river.

But in the end the universal conflagration was handed down without question as an article of belief.