Sentence Examples with the word in the dark

He felt nothing as he floated in the dark of his mind, until sudden, hot pain tore through him.

Clad in the dark blue uniform of the police, Travis gave a nod of recognition as he passed him.

Claustrophobic in the dark cave that had become her home, she grabbed her coat and purse and set out into the cold, brisk evening.

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In other words these bacteria can build up organic matter from purely mineral sources by assimilating carbon from carbon dioxide in the dark and by obtaining their nitrogen from ammonia.

She woke in the dark of pre-dawn to the sound of thunder.

The Viennese have been particularly successful, and their method has been to dye the skins a good brown and then not put in the dark stripes, which exist in sable and mink, until the garment or article is finished, thus obtaining as perfectly symmetrical effects as if the articles were made of small skins instead of large ones.

Napoleon is at Forminsk, said Bolkhovitinov, unable to see in the dark who was speaking but guessing by the voice that it was not Konovnitsyn.

In spite of the investigations of Volkmar and Hilgenfeld, we are still somewhat in the dark as to the authorities he used.

They lay in bed beneath the covers in the dark room.

The French bivouacked in the rain, Turenne making his way across the mountain to confer with the prince, and meanwhile Mercy quietly drew off his army in the dark to a new set of entrenchments on the ridge on which stood the Loretto Chapel.