Sentence Examples with the word in store

By embarking on that venture the fleet gave the Turks sufficient warning of what was in store to ensure that, on the date on which Sir I.

The future has no doubt still other extensions of the principle of neutralization in store for us.

In West-ostlicher Diwan (1819), a collection of lyrics - matchless in form and even more concentrated in expression than those of earlier days - which were suggested by a German translation of Hafiz, Goethe had another surprise in store for his contemporaries.

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Herzl thus left an indelible mark on his time, and his renown is assured whatever be the fate in store for the political Zionism which he founded and for which he gave his life.

I walked slowly down the stairs dreading the day in store for me.

It may be guessed that I reduce almost the whole advantage of holding this superfluous property as a fund in store against the future, so far as the individual is concerned, mainly to the defraying of funeral expenses.

He has not yet entered into the highest experience of heavenly bliss that God has in store for him.

But courage! there is good cheer in store for you, Queequeg.

She began to realize that death was not in store for her, after all, but that she had merely started upon another adventure, which promised to be just as queer and unusual as were those she had before encountered.

They had no idea what was in store for them.