Sentence Examples with the word in sight

Vendemiaire and the marriage with Josephine (9th of March 1796) were but stepping-stones to the attainment of the end which he had kept steadily in sight since the spring of the year 1794.

No one was in sight when she reached the building, but the door was open.

They neither saw nor heard anything, and after negotiating the remaining correctly marked turns, were in sight of daylight.

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Archibald Douglas, earl of Angus, opened the door and seized Mar, who was forthwith dragged to Lauder Bridge and there, along with six other obnoxious favourites, hanged in sight of his royal master.

At length want of provisions forced him into the plain, and there by the river Sarno, almost in sight of Pompeii, was fought (553) a battle which is generally named from the overlooking range of Mons Lactarius (Monte Lettere).

The struggle, which still further aggravated the dependence of the pope on France, was waged on both sides with the utmost bitterness, and the end was not in sight when John XXII.

Many days passed before they came in sight of land.

The very next day they came in sight of a little green island.

Fortunately, Alex was nowhere in sight when she entered the house.

I'd sue your ass and the county and everyone else in sight for a zillion bucks.